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Fodha Building Solutions offers a wide range of building material products intended for use in both commercial and domestic environments.

Products include tile adhesives, grouts, primers, fillers, mortars, finishes, gypsum-based products, floor levelers, waterproofing, and other accessories applicable in laying tiles, decorative coatings, and finishes, laying bricks and blocks, leveling, as well as waterproofing of the horizontal and vertical surfaces in inner and outer environments in various atmospheric conditions.

Our aim is to provide high-quality products, with a wide choice of solutions, at a very competitive price.  Quality manufacturing is at the heart of everything we do and what we accomplish. We constantly monitor our frontline range, implement new developments, and improve our products on a continuous basis.

Fodha Building Solutions together with our trusted partners DAST & DEUTSCHCOLOR are dedicated to continuously developing strategy and technological innovation as well as to meet the high-level requirements of the various markets. All products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.

Sustainability is an important part of our belief. We are continually investing in developing solutions that can reduce our carbon footprint, including the use of ecologic additives which are wood-based, as well as ensuring that our product packaging conforms to European Standards and are environmentally friendly due to the organic composition being biodegradable.

Fodha Building Solutions is committed to offering a flexible approach, based on common sense and good practice. We believe that open communication with our customers ensures a positive buying experience. We look forward to building strong business relationships and safeguarding a positive product experience.

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