Deutsch Color Malta Construction materials and Paints


DEUTSCHCOLOR is one of the largest construction material and paint industry manufacturers in South-Eastern Europe. Its ecological factory fulfills international market needs based on the principles of efficiency, quality, and contemporary technology. The manufacturing process is backed by a fully-fledged laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art German equipment, and a highly qualified research team.

DEUTSCHCOLOR manufactures a range of high-quality adhesives for Artificial Grass, Linoleum, and Timber Floors including Parquet Flooring. This is complemented by a range of high-quality specialist paints that are designed to suit metal, timber, concrete, and most other substrates. The products are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and some can even be used in marine environments

Delivering quality and upholding standards for over 100 years, DEUTSCHCOLOR now boasts a global footprint, with representation in various countries like Germany, Italy, Austria, Canada, Switzerland, Malta, United Kingdom, and Ireland amongst others.

DEUTSCHCOLOR is known for its training academy, which offers seminars and training to those that wish to learn more about best practices when using and applying a wide range of products.

All DEUTSCHCOLOR products are developed based on environmentally friendly practices, ensuring regulatory compliance, as well as health and safety standards.

DEUTSCHCOLOR is certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001, under the Health and Safety Act.

Dast Malta Building Materials


With growth at a remarkable rate, DAST has become a leading brand in South-Eastern Europe and is also represented in various countries such as Germany, Italy, Austria, Canada, Switzerland, Malta, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

DAST strives for strategy development and technological innovation. DAST’s diverse portfolio includes tiles adhesives, fillers, mortars, fiber-reinforced finishes, gypsum-based products, hydro isolators, acid cleaners, and other related building materials and accessories. These products are applicable in laying tiles, decorative coatings and finishes, putting bricks and blocks on the walls, leveling, as well as hydro isolation of the horizontal and vertical surfaces in inner and outer environments in variable atmospheric conditions.

DAST make a big emphasis on values created by the European Engineering of Technology and Standards, and this is the main reason why DAST products are distinguished in every market. The m-tec technology, EN technical standards, as well as the TUV standards of quality, offer the best solutions at competitive market prices. The technology used is totally automatic and strictly designed in accordance with EN technical standards.

DAST’s growth is based on designing solutions for new ideas. DAST’s laboratories are equipped with the latest technology and adopt a procedure of being the first to meet the market’s needs and requirements by providing the best sustainable solutions. DAST thrives on challenges and accomplishment.

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